Cesar Millan Teams With Spot Pet Insurance

Cesar Milan – Chairman Spot Pet Insurance

Cesar Milan – Chairman Spot Pet Insurance

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla., Jan. 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Spot Pet Insurance has officially launched and is making waves in the US market by partnering with world renowned dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan, who joins the company as Chairman. Together they look to spread awareness about the responsibility which pet owners (now appropriately called “Pet Parents”) have to help protect their pets from severe injuries and illnesses, so that they can live long healthy and happy lives.

Cesar Millan came to this country at age 21 with a love for animals and a dream to turn his incredible dog training skills into a viable profession. Then Hollywood came knocking. He has achieved global recognition from his TV Show “The Dog Whisperer” which inspired millions of dog owners for over a decade. His message of Trust, Respect, Love has reached all corners of the globe, and he recently completed a sold-out European tour as well as a Las Vegas residency. His goal for 2020 is to take pet insurance to the masses, and help take care of all of our furry friends.

“I’ve been vocal with my followers about my disappointment in the increasing euthanasia rates in the US. They are increasing at a rate of 10-12% every year in the US.2 My mission has been to teach pet owners to achieve the same balanced energy with their pets that I experienced with my animals growing up. There is nothing more valuable for a pet owner than to understand and Love their pet the way Mother Nature intended. Challenging a pet physically and mentally everyday will help promote longevity, and a healthier relationship between pet parents and their pets,” Cesar expressed. “Trust, respect, and love delivered properly can greatly reduce rising euthanasia rates. Pet health is number one, and pet parents must provide this opportunity. That’s why I’m excited about teaming up with Spot.”

Spot President, Scott Taylor, and CEO, Meredith Shirk, are tenured animal lovers. By Taylor’s side is his pup, Stone, a five-year old yellow lab. Meredith brings her 11-year old German Shepherd, Luna, with her anytime she gets a chance. Luna is a seasoned bicoastal surfer, navigating waves off the coast of California and southern Florida. She is an avid beach runner, too, wagging her tail alongside Shirk on morning runs. Shirk is proud that her Luna continues to live a happy and healthy life, but understands it isn’t by luck; it’s a product of understanding Luna’s natural needs: exercise, discipline, and affection.

Shirk and Taylor made it their mission to spread this awareness when she launched Spot: “Spot was created to educate pet parents about the true benefits of pet insurance, with a streamlined quote process and user experience that equips pet parents with educational tips to help promote a happier, healthier life.” Pet insurance is a niche and is a widely misunderstood market.

According to the American Pet Products Association’s 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey, 183.9 million dogs and cats in the US belong to pet parents, only 2.43 million (1.3%) are insured by their pet owners. “Having Cesar Millan, a leading animal expert around the globe, as our partner is going to further our mission to help take care of every pet on the planet” said Shirk, “especially at a time when medical treatments are becoming more expensive each year.” With the costs of today’s pet care, having Spot in your corner is helpful for all your pet’s health and wellness needs.

Spot utilized clear simple technology to create a 30 second quote process which is free and easy to access through www.spotpetins.com[1]. Policies have a wide range of coverage for covered conditions including but not limited to exams, medications, diagnostics, treatment, and even alternative therapies. For additional cost, preventative care coverage like dental cleaning and vaccinations are covered. Spot’s coverage is a valuable tool considering the costs of accidents and illness treatments.

Pets are beloved members of our families,” Shirk says. “Now, you can get caring coverage for your entire family and have the peace of mind to enjoy every minute with them.”

SPOT PET INSURANCE provides first-class service and quality coverage for a world of healthier pets and happier owners. The Insurance program allows pet owners to create custom plans. Clients can easily manage their entire account on spotpetins.com, and the user-friendly site can quickly generate a free quote in under 30 seconds. Additional pets receive a 10% discount on coverage.

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